Welcome to Blargo

Welcome to Blargo!

Blargo is a theme for WordPress that was built for the rapid set-up of startup news websites. It was developed for the New Jersey News Commons. It has many important features built-in that will be an enormous help as you grow the revenue side of your business:

  • Ad-ready sidebars
  • Pre-planned advertising space options for optimum growth (built to the spec outlined in our presentation here) with automatic setup.
  • Tight integration with the Broadstreet ad manager
  • Responsive images and ad zones built from the “mobile first” perspective
  • Several color and theming options to help you introduce your personal touches to the design
  • Support for in-story ad zones

It’s being actively developed by the Broadstreet team — the development team behind the Broadstreet Ad Manager, BeALocalPublisher, and Michele’s List. Feature requests, and of course, issue report, can be made. It’s not one of those themes which become unsupported by its developer.

It was built as a child theme of the popular Largo theme, which was built by the Investigative News Network. That project is also actively supported, and is used by a number of well-known news organizations.

As for the next steps, you’ll want to download Blargo, and move on to our installation guide. And should you have any questions, email blargo@broadstreetads.com.