Why Using Blargo is a Good Idea

When you’re launching a news website, it’s difficult to foresee all of the needs you’ll have down the road. Many publishers work off the general advice of others, and essentially “shoot from the hip” in selecting a publishing platform, website theme, and the various options that go along with it.

If the right decisions are made early, you can skip many of the growing pains that the average hyperlocal publisher has in year 1, 2, and beyond.

For example, most publishers will be relying on advertising revenue. That requires planning out ad slots on a website, choosing an ad management tool, potentially hiring a developer to implement the tool, and then making it all work for mobile devices too.

If you choose the wrong ad manager, you might have website performance (speed) problems as you get more popular. Or if you suddenly realize that most of your traffic is coming from mobile devices, you’ll want your site and ad slots to be ad-friendly. And if you don’t plan out your ad slots well, you’ll run out of inventory, or have a lack of compelling inventory to sell.

Blargo was written to make the majority of these decision for you — to set you up for the best chances of success. With Blargo, you have pre-planned ad slots built from a mobile-first perspective, and hooked into a simple but intuitive ad manager.

Blargo was built on top of the Largo theme, which was built by the investigative news network. Largo is an incredible starting point for news websites, and some prominent indie news websites use it. Like this one, this one, and this one.

Blargo takes that starting point much further. By using Blargo, you’ll minimize developer costs, be ready for the emergence of mobile, be running on an actively supported theme, and have an excellent foundation for the core revenue generation engine of your business: advertising.